21 November 2008

A Latvian connection found...

...for someone else. :p I made contact with someone in Latvia who shares a similar name. He gave me a bit of information (I LOVE google translator!) It has yet to be determined that he is a relative of mine, but -based upon the information that he sent me- he is very likely related to someone in the US with whom I've been in contact on a limited basis. I sent the US guy the info and told him to contact me if he was interested in learning more about or getting the contact information for the guy in Latvia. I hope he responds. Of course, I am hoping this leads to some connection to my family tree.

07 November 2008


Someone found my blog from Russia! "Trusinskis" is spelled "трусинскис" in Russian! I don't think I ever posted it here, but somewhere I found an item online that told of someone having a housemaid or servant named Trusinsky while living in Moscow. I wish I could find that entry -I have looked. I added "трусинскис" to a list of terms that would be used to direct people to this website for search/googling purposes.

It is unlikely anything much will come from this, but you have to always expand your chances and every little bit may help. Given the ethnic makeup of Latvia both now and in the past, it is almost a sure thing that I have relatives in Russia.

02 November 2008

a new source found

I was contacted a few days ago by a woman of Latvian descent. She found me through the message board on ancestry.com. She suggested a Latvian website for me by which I could contact people with a similar surname in Latvia. In fact, she did her own preliminary search and noted how she found around 20 people with the name Trusinskis or Trusinska (the female version of Trusinskis). One has to be invited into the website and she graciously offered an invitation which I, of course, accepted. I will post any successes that I have!