17 August 2008

Linking them up

I think I have made a specific link between two of my largest Trusinsky files/threads of research. One is a specific birth document for Eduard Truschinsky. The parents shown on it coincide with the parents of my 2nd largest file of Truschinskys. The occupation of the father is the same in both documents, as well. Additionally, the largest file centers in Livonia -before moving to Riga- while the 2nd largest file is in a different part of Kurland. The link for the two files is in a part of Kurland where they all come together, with dates, names and occupation aligning.

I have four files of Truschinskys of which I have been unable -to this point- to link together. All of the files have overlapping individuals in terms of witnesses to various births. That is not concrete evidence, but is certainly is circumstantial enough for one to assume there is a link. Of course, I need to do a bit more research (as usual), but I am beginning to feel more confident in making the link and possibly continuing for another generation or two. One of the documents suggests Prussia for a place of birth for an individual (finally!)

So much more will be made clear when I get around to ordering or examining online (when they are posted) the revision lists for Kurland and the Russian census of 189x! I just hope they still have records for the areas that I need...

That brings me to another, possibly stunning (okay, the most stunning thus far) revelation about the Truschinsky line...

10 August 2008

steps forward but also nothing

SIX films arrived this weekend at the LDS. I am really, really hoping for something on one of them regarding the oldest Truschinsky line of research. That doesn't mean I am expecting something there, as it involves a specific region, but isn't quite for the years I want. However, there may be some other, illuminating records there. Two other films are related to a family who married into the Till family. One record is another film for the Lemsal area. I don't expect to find anything there, as I have already reviewed it and it isn't any more comprehensive than what is online. Finally, I am going to review passports issued by the German embassy in Riga. I am really hoping to find something there for one of my main lines of research. Again, "hoping" doesn't mean "expecting".

I am also trying to contact possible kin around the world, but I continue to fail in getting a response from...anyone.

I have a genealogist in Germany investigating the degree to which it is possible to access public records for some relatives I know had died in Germany in 1968 and 1977. As I had explained to him, the goal is to establish contact with living relatives.

03 August 2008

How many variations of Trusinsky are there??!!

I search for variations of my family name and have found -as I have mentioned before- at least four other versions of the name in church documents for people of whom I am quite sure I am related. Now I search for "Trescinskis" and over 2000 hits come up! I wish someone from Latvia would email me and say (if this were true), "Um, Trusinskis and other, similar names are far more common than you suspect. So, it is not likely there is much of a relationship." Maybe that is why some people that I had sent emails in Latvia had not replied (of course, language may be an issue...)

02 August 2008

Some success

I did have some success with the last three films that I had ordered and examined. I found four or five marriages. One marriage was for my granduncle -August Johann Theodor Truschinsky. The name was bit difficult to read for the individual he had married, so I will have to return and examine that film again later. This information may be of some use in finding some living descendants in Latvia. I also found a marriage for a Till. All of these marriages are from the 1930s -so they are relatively recent.