26 October 2011

That's it.

Until and unless other resources become available, whether electronic or from interested individuals, my research will be ending. There are some people who have professed an interest in this topic, but they have not maintained and shared their research and/or communication. I do want to be clear that some of their information was very helpful! I've chased every lead that appeared and was financially reasonable to pursue. If I had unlimited funds, I'd hire people to do a whole lot more research and translate documents for me. I'd cajole people with my last name in Latvia and Germany to take a DNA test to see if they are related.

I have had some success. I've found, confirmed and established some relationships with people as a result of my research. I've accessed archives and found out some interesting and some very sad things about relatives. Most of my (male) ancestors in Latvia were skilled artisans (tradesmen) such as millers, smiths, or merchants. I have at least one mayor of a medium sized city as well as another who was a city council member. I had one relative who was a prisoner of war in the Soviet Union and actually survived long enough to be released, while I had another who was sent to a Nazi concentration camp and perished. I have another relative who was forced into military service for the Nazis and did not survive, but there is no record that I've found and survives about him, his service or his death. I have a ancestor who was a medical doctor and died in Russia. I (very likely) have a relative who was Stalin's maid/housekeeper, but sadly, "disappeared", according to Stalin's daughter, during one of his purges. I've learned that there is no evidence that even hints at the distant Swedish heritage that my grandmother suggested nor of any royal line or linkage to a "Polish Baron" that my grandfather had suggested. Again, while the men in my paternal ancestral line were skilled as far back as my research goes (until the early 1800s), there was never any indication of royalty. While I have been quite pleased with the knowledge I've gained from the research, I'm also filled with envy of people who are fortunate enough to be able to research their family heritage in a bunch of easily accessible records that go back centuries!

I've learned that most people don't really give a shit about genealogy. Oh, and I'm a distant relative of a local weatherman. :-)

Some of my unresolved questions:
  1. Why was Kurschinsky changed to Truschinsky and why was it not merely by one person, but also for adult (close) relatives?
  2. In what role did my grandfather serve while under Nazi occupation in Latvia?
  3. Where was Alma Gunther born and to whom? Do adoption records still exist?
  4. What is the maiden name of Heinrich Wigert's wife, Anna?
  5. Which "Trusinskis" who are in Latvia are related to me?
  6. Where is the link between the Odessa Deifels and my Deifels from Wurtemburg?
  7. Is there any relationship between "von Truschinsky" and "Truschinsky"?
  8. From where did August Till come when he moved to northern Latvia in the early 1800s?
  9. Are there any Trusinskys in Russia?
  10. Is the "Truschinski" found in a google book search related in some way?
  11. To what extent do internal passports and emigration records exist/survive in Latvia?
If anyone wants to share information, feel free to contact me here or on facebook. If you're researching your family history, good luck and have fun!

21 July 2011

Brigitte T.

So, my father called his cousin, Brigitte, for the first time. He got the number from his cousin Karina in Latvia. The call didn't go very well. She wasn't particularly interested in starting a relationship, citing her age and the fact that there was no attempt on the part of anyone to do so years and years ago. My dad did discuss visiting with her when he next visited Latvia, and she said that she would be willing to and even offered to let him stay with her. I found that to be interesting given the very direct and dismissive way in which she said that she didn't want any sort of relationship. My father noted that we didn't even have any contact information for her and have only recently -through my research, I might add- found out her name and so forth. He said that he isn't the person who didn't maintain the relationship with her and her family -it was his parents. That didn't seem to placate her.

I hope that -over time- she becomes a bit more interested, understanding and forgiving.

We did learn that she was married and had at least one daughter and two grandchildren. I am going to attempt to contact them via frype.com

Found Nancy Trusinski

I had been under the impression that nobody in my father's family had spoken with Nancy Trusinski, but I was wrong. Apparently, my father spoke with her at her mother's funeral some years back. He also spoke with her brother who still lives in the Twin Cities. So, after looking a bit more, I found out her married name, her husband and phone number.

I feel kind of silly "trying to find her" when she wasn't "lost" from the perspective of my father. I certainly wouldn't call her, but am considering -though still unlikely- writing her and asking her about my uncle. Who knows if she would respond. While they were divorced when I was quite young, I do recall her being really nice.

02 July 2011

Looking for Nancy Peterfeso / Trusinski

I am seeking the former wife of my uncle, Peter Trusinski, who died in 1988. I am seeking her to further my family research. I am particularly curious about how they met, dated and interests they may have shared. It is my understanding that she had remarried and may have moved to California at some time, but I do not know where, nor her her current last name. I would be fine corresponding via email or speaking on the phone or via skype -whichever is preferable.

I would also be interested in speaking with any surviving relative if Nancy has since passed away. I know she had two sisters -Debbie and Linda.

Finally, in my research, I have found that there are some unclaimed assets that exist in Nancy's name and can make that information available to her or her relatives.

Contact me by clicking on my profile located in the margin on the right side of the webpage.

15 April 2011

Krusinski Trusinski nugget of information

In my ongoing research, I was looking for information about Kurschinski (and its spelling variations) and Latvia. I came upon and google book source (I highly recommend searching google books for information) and have cut and pasted the information here. Click on the image to enlarge it.

The information is in German on the left and Polish on the right. It sure seems to be an AMAZING coincidence that there is someone with the last name "Krusinski" with the specific alias of "Trusinski". The specific person mentioned in the image is not anywhere on my family tree. This is amazing as there is an ongoing issue with people in the mid-1800s changing their name from Kruschinsky/Kursinsky to Truschinsky/Trusinski. Read earlier entries if you were not aware of this background.

08 April 2011

Long overdue update

Well, after a series of failed deadlines, the Estonian research has been completed and sent to me. My only real complaint is the inability to complete the service in a timely manner. I had to inquire about the progress in a series of emails to get them to move on the project. It certainly seems as if I not continued to inquire with them it may never have been completed. I had first contacted them in early 2010 and ordered the translation some months later. I agreed to pay them a very reasonable fee (from my perspective) to acquire the documents from the Estonian archives and then the scanned them and sent them to me without asking for payment. I did tell them that I would be asking them to translate them, so I am sure they relied on that and I know they added on the fee after the whole process was completed early this year. After reviewing them, I considered their fee structure, and said that I'd like 10 hours of translation services. I specified which pages to translate first and what would follow. As you can see, I've attached a few of the pages that were scanned and sent to me prior to their translation.

I have no real ability to comment on the quality of the translation services, specifically, though I can say that there were very few gaps in the pages that they did translate, so I presume they were skilled in reviewing and translating German handwriting. The fee for everything worked out to a little over $200. They wanted me to send my credit card information by fax and specified that I not send it by email. I also could have wired it to their bank, but I learned that the bank fee for doing that was quite high. Because of that, I chose to pay it via Western Union. I received the completed translation the following day.

What did this whole process further in my research? The following events occurred in the early 1880s.

I had figured my relative, Eduard TRUSCHINSKY, was being sued by his landlord, but I was wrong because he sued the owner of a mill with whom he had an agreement for a few years. He sued the landlord for failing to comply with the terms of the lease. This landlord was Baron KRUDENER and it occurred merely a few miles north of the present Latvian-Estonian border and along the Baltic coast. Those terms required the landlord to maintain the property, provide materials for the tenant to make any repairs, etc. From the statements gathered in the court process, it seems that the landlord was wholly negligent in this matter so Eduard sued for damages. Eduard passed away before the legal process had concluded. After Eduard's death, his attorney indicated that Eduard's widow wanted the case to continue. The last communication from the attorney is a second request for a document and in that request the attorney notes that the case cannot proceed without the specified document. There are no further communications present in the series of documents, implying that the other party didn't supply the needed document. Perhaps that is a coincidence or perhaps it is not. What would you do if you had received that last document from the party who was suing you??

A second and in some ways a more exciting benefit is the identification of the attorney acting on behalf of Eduard TRUSCHINSKY, August KRUMING. In a correspondence, he identifies himself as the attorney and brother-in-law of the plaintiff, Eduard TRUSCHINSKY. What that bit of information does is confirm a whole group of TRUSCHINSKYs which I had documented and strongly suspected -but been unable to definitively confirm- as being related to Eduard. Because of this information I can add at least 27 other TRUSCHINSKYs, their spouses and descendants. Further, it provides the possibility I can link this line of Truschinsky's in the past to "Trusinskis" in the present who are still in Latvia. That is useful, because the other, more established line of research doesn't link to any TRUSCHINSKIS in Latvia today, though it does to some other relatives, albeit not with the surname TRUSINSKIS. Unfortunately, it still doesn't solve the problem of getting a few different people in Latvia with the name TRUSINSKIS to reply to my inquiries.

If any of you TRUSINSKIS in Latvija are reading this, do you have any heritage from the Leipaja region of Latvija? If so, we may be related. If you are unsure, perhaps you could ask an older relative who might know...

Overall, though a bit tedious, I am glad to have used the Estonian research service. It provided a more interesting story on one of my relatives on my paternal side AND, perhaps more importantly, provided a link to a whole new set of relatives which -in the future- I may be able to link to TRUSINSKIS in present-day Latvia.

02 January 2011

Estonian research service

I've been working with an Estonian genealogy research service. They have been tasked to translate a series of German language documents involving an ancestor and a legal issue that had occurred. There has been some delay, but they promised to have the translation completed by the beginning of January. I haven't inquired yet, but plan to later this week.

I will report to my fellow genealogists on the quality of their work.

27 December 2010

Another Trusinsky!

Here is Aleksander Mikko, our new son. He was born on September 13, 2010. I just thought I should add him here as he is certainly a very important addition to my family tree!

He isn't playing hockey... yet. :-)

13 November 2010


Great news! I have now confirmed that almost all the living Vigerts in Latvia are relatives of mine! I was lucky enough to find someone online, sent them a note about the information I had about my Vigerts and asked her to inquire with her older relatives to see if any of it sounds familiar. She did and we thought we may have shared a common ancestor, so she visited a grave of someone who was born in the 1880s to confirm the date of her relative with the date of my relative on the birth documents that I found. IT WAS A MATCH! She didn't know that this person had at least four other siblings -one of which was my great grandmother, Julia Vigerte.

I am super excited about this. She seems to share a strong interest in researching this stuff. She has sent a couple of pictures (I anxiously wait for more to be sent!) and has some interesting -though sad- stories about some of our shared ancestors.

It has made me wish that the TRUSINSKIS that I had emailed in Latvia were as interested as this person. I am even more sure that some of them are the descendants from a common ancestor. I believe that because every single TRUSINSKIS I have found in my research from the 1800s is related in some way to each other! I have never found a TRUSINSKIS in the records to whom I could NOT show a relation. Remember: the problem I have is that I cannot review almost any records from here in Minnesota, USA, that are from 1905 or later. **If any of you (KARLIS, ROBERTS, etc) or your relatives read this, send me a note!!! All specific information about living individuals will be private, so do not worry about that if that issue is a concern.

29 October 2010

Message for M. V.

Here are two pictures.
Julia Vigerte (my great grandmother) in 1969 and of her grave.

For others besides M.V. who are reading this, I am posting this as it seems very possible I have made contact with a current, though distant, relative. I have had very little success in two regards with the Vigert family. First, I cannot find any records prior to 1880 for this family (thus far!). Second, I haven't been able to learn anything at all beyond what I have already learned from my grandmother in the mid-1980s. This information would qualify as the proverbial (in genealogy terms) breakthrough -though a breakthough to the present not into the past!

28 October 2010

Vigerts/Vigerte aus Lettland?


I am looking for the descendants of Andres or Mikel Vigerts, or Marri Vigerte. Julia Vigerte was my great-grandmother. She married August Trusinskis (who died in 1922). The “Vigerts” were all born in Ivandes in the 1880s, but I believe most moved to Riga in the early 1900s. I doubt you know any of these people, but maybe your older relatives (parents or grandparents) might remember one of these names. Please respond if you think you may be related to the people listed above. I can provide birth records to show how these people are connected. I do this only because I research my family history as a hobbie and frype is a tool for me to do that! Thanks!

Es meklēju, lai Andres vai Mikel Vigerts vai MARRI Vigerte pēcnācējiem. Julia Vigerte bija mana vecvecmāmiņa. Viņa apprecējās augusts Trusinskis (kurš nomira 1922.) "Vigerts" visi, kas dzimuši ĪVANDES in 1880, bet es uzskatu, ka lielākā daļa pārcēlās uz Rīgu, kas ir agrīnā 1900. Es šaubos, jūs zināt, kādu no šiem cilvēkiem, bet varbūt jūsu vecāki radinieki (vecāki vai vecvecāki) varētu atcerēties vienu no šiem vārdiem. Lūdzu atbildēt, ja jūs domājat, ka Jums varētu būt saistīts ar cilvēkiem, kas uzskaitītas iepriekš. Es varu sniegt dzimšanas ieraksti parāda, kā šie cilvēki ir saistīti. Man tas tikai tāpēc, ka es pētniecības mana ģimene vēsturē kā hobbie un frype ir līdzeklis, lai man darīt! Paldies!



26 October 2010

Refugee documents

have arrived from the International Tracing Service (explanation of organization here). One can make free requests for a document search on up to two names (at any one time -other people can be researched after the first two are complete). I received a letter plus 10 double-sided pages of documents related to two of my grandparents.

08 October 2010

Truschinsky documents have arrived!

As mentioned in an earlier blog, there are documents in the Estonian archives related to my earliest confirmed ancestor. This guy is certainly the most interesting distant ancestor. He died of "St. Edward's Fire" and was sued for failing to fulfill a contract to use a mill, as he was a miller. All of these documents (about 60 pages) are related to that issue. The documents are primarily in German with the exception of two pages which are in Estonian. I expect to find some great information. I would be VERY pleased to see if they refer to him or his family at any point as Kurschinsky.It will be quite expensive to get all of the documents translated, but I expect it will be well worth it.

To the rights is the cover page to the series of documents. I have found other members of my family tree on the Estonian website noted above, but certainly nothing this juicy!

06 September 2010

Labor Day

In response to the prompt from geneabloggers, I've decided to post a brief entry about the occupations of my distant ancestors.

I think that most people who research their family history would like to find something particularly stunning such as an ancestor being someone particularly famous (though not infamous...), royalty, rich, etc... My grandfather who passed away in the mid-1980s claimed we were related to a "baron". I think he may have even said it was a Polish baron, but that would be inconsistent with his view that his heritage was entirely "German".

I've never found anything (beyond a reasonable doubt) about anyone being particularly famous. I have, however, noticed that many of my ancestors (and all of the direct ancestors back to at least the 1830s) have been skilled and I have yet to find any that were listed as being farmers or peasants. I've had a couple of millers and smiths, one medical doctor and a few mechanics/machinists. Nothing particularly exciting from a 21st century perspective, but they were part of a relatively small portion of the population in Latvia at that time.

13 August 2010

Stalin's housekeeper?

I came across a genealogy discussion forum which was focused on the name TILL. My post was the only one in TEN YEARS that inquired or even alluded to TILL in Latvia (except one other...) Pretty much all of the others involve the US, Germany or Great Britain.

The only other mention was the following quote:

"Name Carolina Till is mentioned in a book "Twenty letters to a friend" by Svetlana Allilueva. She says that their " apartment in the Kremlin was run by a housekeper, a German from Riga, Latvia, named Carolina Till..." " She was a charming old women, neat and immaculate and very kind..." The year was 1929-1933. G, Elrod

I have two TILL females with either a first or middle name of Caroline and they were born around 1860. That would make them about the right age to be described as a "charming old woman". So...I google this Svetlana person and I soon learn the it is the sole daughter of STALIN! She is still alive and lives in rural Wisconsin but is quite the recluse.

I would guess that since I have never come across another TILL in my research of documents focusing on Latvia that this person is one of "mine"!

28 December 2009

Kurschinsky and Latvia

Are you researching Kurschinsky genealogy -particularly in the Baltic area? If so, I have information which may be very, very useful in aiding your search! Contact me if you want me to share it with you.

14 November 2009

Australia and other updates

Did you know that websites can be enabled to track who visits the site? It is a useful tool because you can see their search parameters, from where in the world they came, how many pages they visited and for how long. People who visit the site might be searching for "genealogy Latvia" or "Truschinsky" or "Gangnus" or "Kurland, Lettland", for example.

It is interesting in many respects, but one factor I find continually amusing: there is a "relative" in Australia who had quite clearly expressed strong interest in my research and said he was willing to share whatever he felt comfortable sharing. I made the mistake of giving him a glimpse of my research and then, despite many attempts to contact him (though spread out over quite some time), he just stopped replying. The amusing part is that he continues to visit the site, yet isn't polite enough to send a note. I had wondered at the reasons for this behavior. It seemed as if someone told him not to write or maybe his father shared some sort of sordid detail about my grandfather or grandmother about which I am unaware. My father did call his father in Australia and he described the attitude from Helmut as "less than friendly". I suppose when you research family trees you may find such people, huh? If that were the case I'd want to know! It would make the research all the more interesting! It is for that reason, many of my breakthroughs are not posted here. I am an economics teacher, so I state, "NO FREE-RIDERS HERE!" :-p

24 October 2009

Lydia Trusinsky Has Passed Away

My grandmother, Lydia Erica (Till) Trusinsky has passed away (4 October 2009) . She was born in Latvia and was a part of the ethnic German community there (Baltendeutsche). She died in Florida at the age of 96 years old. She was a refugee in World War I and World War II. She moved to the USA in 1949 with her husband and three children -specifically to Minnesota. There, she continued her career as a seamstress. Her husband died in 1983 at the age of 72, while her youngest son died in 1988 from a heart attack at the young age of 42. She continued to live in Minnesota until just a couple of years ago, though for years before that, she had stayed in Florida with her daughter, Sigrid. She is survived by her daughter, Sigrid, and her son, Karl, as well as her 5 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

12 April 2009

Brigitte Truschinsky, part 2 FOUND

She has been found! I am currently corresponding with a relative of mine named Karina from Latvia. She is the daughter of my father's uncle. Her mother either chose to remain in Latvia after the Germans were pushed out by the Soviets or returned to Latvia from a displaced persons camp after the war. I do have a few relatives (who, again, where ethnic Germans) who chose to return to Latvia after World War II. One relative said "you can't ever escape the Russians". Well, I inquired about August Johann Theodor Truschinsky and what I knew about him (apparently married twice and had three children, though we only knew the name of one, "Brigitte"). I enclosed an old photo we had in my letter to her with these facts. She "looked up" this person and found her! I don't know how she went about looking up this person, but she told me that they had a great conversation and are now friends! She shared that Brigitte had a sister named Erica who died in 1993 and also a bit about August -a man I had been trying to find out more information about for what seems to be quite some time! She said that August was a member of the Latvian Legion -a unit made up of ethnic Latvians who faught for the German army in World War II. Others might more accurately describe them as fighting against the Russians, not for the Nazis. He survived, but was captured by the Soviets and sent to Moscow for some period of time. All of the allies (except the Soviets, of course), after investigating the role of the Latvian Legion in World War II concluded that they were, indeed, clearly electing to fight the Soviets, instead of really fighting for the Nazis. The Finns did the same thing, but in the role of allies not actually a part of the German military machine. Indeed, documentation from the German military demonstrates increasing concern about the loyalty of the Latvians. I am looking forward to learning more about him and his daugthers. A major bummer of this information is that it doesn't seem to show that he had any male children, so that I still have yet to find a link between the various "Trusinskis" and "Trusinska"s (Latvian spelling of Truschinsky) in Latvia with our Trusinsky/Truschinsky's in the USA.

13 February 2009

Brigitte Truschinski

There is a Brigitte Erkens-Truschinski in Germany. When I first found this person on the internet, I was initially very happy. My research shows that I have a 2nd cousin who is named Brigitte Truschinsky who was born in Latvia in 1936. I looked further into this name and found her AIM "handle" and her profile said that she was 55 years old. That would mean that she was born after 1950, so it isn't the same person. Bummer.

12 December 2008

A letter from Latvia!!

I just got a very nice letter from Latvia from a relative on my father's paternal side of the family. Her name is Karina and she is my father's cousin. It included a photo of their mutual grandmother. It was very detailed in her description of what her mother was like. In essence, it looks as if her grandmother had a very significant and positive role in her upbringing.

I plan to write her back quickly with more questions and will include a few photos of our own and also a basic family tree that shows how we are related and to whom I am referring when I have more questions.

This is GREAT news!!

On a slightly less positive note, we got information back from the Latvian government as a result of our query through their embassy. While I haven't viewed the information myself (my dad ordered it and had it sent to his home, of course), we were seeking a birth date from one individual (his grandmother on his mother's side) and hoping for a next-of-kin information on another individual. We got a birth month and year but not a location (a very necessary point to find more ancestors in that line) for the grandmother and nothing -pretty much- other than a death date on the other individual. I have not concluded, however, we are at a "dead end" with either individual, because the census records for the 1800s have yet to be posted online and there may be leads for the grandmother.

Overall, not much there...so far.

21 November 2008

A Latvian connection found...

...for someone else. :p I made contact with someone in Latvia who shares a similar name. He gave me a bit of information (I LOVE google translator!) It has yet to be determined that he is a relative of mine, but -based upon the information that he sent me- he is very likely related to someone in the US with whom I've been in contact on a limited basis. I sent the US guy the info and told him to contact me if he was interested in learning more about or getting the contact information for the guy in Latvia. I hope he responds. Of course, I am hoping this leads to some connection to my family tree.

07 November 2008


Someone found my blog from Russia! "Trusinskis" is spelled "трусинскис" in Russian! I don't think I ever posted it here, but somewhere I found an item online that told of someone having a housemaid or servant named Trusinsky while living in Moscow. I wish I could find that entry -I have looked. I added "трусинскис" to a list of terms that would be used to direct people to this website for search/googling purposes.

It is unlikely anything much will come from this, but you have to always expand your chances and every little bit may help. Given the ethnic makeup of Latvia both now and in the past, it is almost a sure thing that I have relatives in Russia.

02 November 2008

a new source found

I was contacted a few days ago by a woman of Latvian descent. She found me through the message board on ancestry.com. She suggested a Latvian website for me by which I could contact people with a similar surname in Latvia. In fact, she did her own preliminary search and noted how she found around 20 people with the name Trusinskis or Trusinska (the female version of Trusinskis). One has to be invited into the website and she graciously offered an invitation which I, of course, accepted. I will post any successes that I have!

28 October 2008


Someone from Lithuania emailed me through this website. Their name is a variation of mine and they do seem interested in learning more. Good news -especially considering I haven't work on my research very much as I have been so busy with work and getting our house ready for sale!

Oh, I did have my dad send a request to the Latvian embassy in Washington in which he requested some vital records, as they provide that service for a very small fee. We should be finding out something in the next month or two that will hopefully take us one step closer to finding a living Trusinsky relative in Latvia and also further back on the "Gunther" family line. I won't publish the specific information because if people want to learn it, they will have to contact me directly and share some basic information they have, but chosen not to share...(ahem...Australia...) (damn, you'd think they'd at least send a note hinting at or explaining their sudden lack of interest or possibly suspicion)

23 September 2008

Family crest?

Here is an image from a gentleman with the last name of "Treschinsky" whom I had emailed. He commented on the fact that he did know of some relatives in Riga, as well as Kiev. I wonder if I will find any basis for my heritage being related to this image...

19 September 2008

I got an answer from Roberts Trusinskis!

"Declined". HAHA. I sent him an email a couple of times through what appeared to be his work email address. No response. So, I saw that he had a profile on "LinkedIn.com" and paid a small fee to send him an email there. I just got a message back saying that my message was "declined" with the reason given as "inappropriate".

I am only barely annoyed. What is it about someone who doesn't have the level of curiosity to respond to a "hey, we may be related" note that included an explanation?? The note clearly wasn't spam and doesn't solicit any information unless we were both convinced that there was a biological relationship -and the information in that instance would be very limited. Is the suspicion a legacy of the Soviet era?? At least now I know that I shouldn't bother to contact him again. I did ask that he reply if he weren't interested so that I would know not to bother him any further.

If he is a descendant of Johann Theodor Truschinsky -as is possible- I won't contact him.

We do have our source in Latvia who will likely know of this person and any other "Trusinskis" if they are indeed related. Indeed, I probably should have only pursued that route.

16 September 2008

DNA Results are in

They arrived late last night. There are 12 exact matches to people in the FamilyTreeDNA.com system. I ordered the most basic, "12 marker" test. To further refine the results, I will have to order the 37 marker test. Of course, the more matches the greater the likelihood of a close biological relationship.

It is unlikely this will yield much new information for my genealogical research, unless I get others who share a similar surname to take the test, as well. I can think of a number individuals I would like to take the test but given they don't even reply to emails, it is unlikely they will take a DNA test for this purpose.

Oh, one more thing: overall, the most matches were with people in Norway (as a percentage of those in the FamilyTreeDNA.com system). I did find that to be interesting!

13 September 2008

August Johann Theodor Trusinskis/Truschinsky

I found what I was looking for. I found a birth record for August Johann Theodor's first child. Don't get this wrong, but I am disappointed because it is a daughter, not a son. I am a bit disappointed because when she got married (if so) she very probably did not retain her family name. If it were a son, he and his descendants would be easier to find! I just sent an email to a gentleman in Latvia who may be of some help. I sure hope he responds! (UPDATE: That was the "Roberts Trusinskis")

07 September 2008

Jakobs Kirche

A new film has arrived which I will review on Saturday. It has birth records for the late-1930s at Jakobs kirche. I am hoping to find a birth record for a child of my great uncle -whose first marriage I now have documented.