17 June 2008

Another Trusinsky found!

This one was born in the early 1800s. I have yet another community into which I can search for more Trusinskys. I can't dig too much further, as I have a few items in which I need to make a bit more progress (Australia, Karlis Trusinskis, etc.)

13 June 2008


Here are two documents for my father, Karl Trusinsky, who was named Karlis Trusinskis when he was born in Latvia. I am posting these in the event that Dr. Karlis Trusinskis sees this website, yet is skeptical of its authenticity. The first one he acquired on his first visit back to Latvia a few years ago. While I don't read (or speak) any Latvian, it looks as if the document shows my father's dad is named "Karlis", as well. That is wrong. My father's dad (my grandfather) is named Alexander. The second document, I believe, was given to his family while he was in a Displaced Persons camp in Germany after World War II.

I've also added two photographs to the slideshow on the right. These two pictures are of a few more individuals in Latvia and -possibly- the only pictures of who might be August Johann Theodor Trusinskis -a man whom we think died in 1972 in Riga and had "two wives and three children". The man was my grandfather's brother. I didn't realize that we had a picture of him until I had just scanned them. We have been unable to locate his children or grandchildren in Latvia.

REMEMBER: you can click on the pictures to enlarge them!!

12 June 2008

Dr. Trusinskis

I sent an email yesterday to a gentleman in Latvia who was a doctor that worked on a series of journal articles with a possible relative of mine: Dr. Karlis Trusinskis. I emailed him because I cannot find the email of Karlis Trusinskis and so I had asked that the doctor forward the email to him or let him know in some other way about it. **I've changed my profile to allow people to contact me by email if they click on the profile. Prior to that, people had to post a message, but may have chosen not to because they had felt apprehensive about it becoming public.

I hope to hear from Dr. Trusinskis -even if he is unsure if there is a relationship. As I said in the email to his colleague, "there aren't too many Trusinskis' in the world..."

Keep your fingers crossed...

11 June 2008

You say Truschinski, I say Trusinsky...

After my wife and I get back from Europe I think I am going to order a DNA test for genealogical research. It will trace a particular gene that is passed from father to son. That means, if, for example, someone 300 years ago had three or four male children and they had children, etc., those people male children and their descendants will have the same gene and a relationship will be proven. At Family Tree DNA they then compare the results with their database. One then has the opportunity to contact others. I know I won't find another "Trusinsky", but I just might find another Trusinski or Trusinskis, etc.

Why the title? It is my own take on the ditty, "you say tomAto, I say tomOto". I mention it because there aren't many "Trusinsky's" in the world, but, as I have mentioned before, I've found at least four variations of the spelling of Trusinsky amongst the documents discovered in my research. I've brainstormed all of the variations of "Trusinsky" and checked the internet. I'm going to list them here and in another posting on the blog in the hopes that some of them find this site and send me a note!

03 June 2008

Struck out.

No luck. The only film that was there was for deaths from 1918-1920 and there wasn't a single thing of interest. I don't think Alexander Friedrich Eduard Truschinsky and his death will be heard from again. Now I just wait for all of those marriage records to come in....

02 June 2008

Going to examine records tomorrow

I am going to the Oakdale LDS to examine some records that had arrived. They involve the Truschinskys and possible Tills -the two families of greatest interest to me on my father's side. One record is for deaths from 1918-1920 and may have my great granduncle's death record. The particular reason I say "may" is because the notes I have from my father say that he may have died from "Sibia on train" -whatever that means. The "big" insight or information that I seek from this record -besides the date and cause of death for Alexander Friedrich Eduard Truschinsky- is his birth location. I need more information to better track down that line of the family tree.

The other records, I believe, are all for marriages from Jakobs Kirche from 1912-1938. I expect some surprises in those records.

I am done with school for the summer after this Friday. I will get a chance next week to peruse the records at my leisure. Also, I will have to order some more records before I leave for Europe. Something I will order soon will be records from the German Embassy in Riga (pre-WWII). They have passport applications and if so many individuals fled Latvia for Germany in the years prior to WWII, they may have been required to demonstrate German heritage and also to get a passport. That elusive link may be very important for finding a living "Till" in German to whom we are related. There is no information indicating a migration or any Truschinskys from Latvia other than my grandfather one of his sisters, Leontine, who went to Australia. The challenge for that family will be in establishing a link backwards to the time in which they migrated TO Latvia from Prussia or Germany.