21 July 2011

Brigitte T.

So, my father called his cousin, Brigitte, for the first time. He got the number from his cousin Karina in Latvia. The call didn't go very well. She wasn't particularly interested in starting a relationship, citing her age and the fact that there was no attempt on the part of anyone to do so years and years ago. My dad did discuss visiting with her when he next visited Latvia, and she said that she would be willing to and even offered to let him stay with her. I found that to be interesting given the very direct and dismissive way in which she said that she didn't want any sort of relationship. My father noted that we didn't even have any contact information for her and have only recently -through my research, I might add- found out her name and so forth. He said that he isn't the person who didn't maintain the relationship with her and her family -it was his parents. That didn't seem to placate her.

I hope that -over time- she becomes a bit more interested, understanding and forgiving.

We did learn that she was married and had at least one daughter and two grandchildren. I am going to attempt to contact them via frype.com

Found Nancy Trusinski

I had been under the impression that nobody in my father's family had spoken with Nancy Trusinski, but I was wrong. Apparently, my father spoke with her at her mother's funeral some years back. He also spoke with her brother who still lives in the Twin Cities. So, after looking a bit more, I found out her married name, her husband and phone number.

I feel kind of silly "trying to find her" when she wasn't "lost" from the perspective of my father. I certainly wouldn't call her, but am considering -though still unlikely- writing her and asking her about my uncle. Who knows if she would respond. While they were divorced when I was quite young, I do recall her being really nice.

02 July 2011

Looking for Nancy Peterfeso / Trusinski

I am seeking the former wife of my uncle, Peter Trusinski, who died in 1988. I am seeking her to further my family research. I am particularly curious about how they met, dated and interests they may have shared. It is my understanding that she had remarried and may have moved to California at some time, but I do not know where, nor her her current last name. I would be fine corresponding via email or speaking on the phone or via skype -whichever is preferable.

I would also be interested in speaking with any surviving relative if Nancy has since passed away. I know she had two sisters -Debbie and Linda.

Finally, in my research, I have found that there are some unclaimed assets that exist in Nancy's name and can make that information available to her or her relatives.

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