20 July 2008

online resources

I've ordered about 9 films from the LDS and some should begin to arrive in the next week or so. So, I am waiting. While I've been waiting ...and waiting... I have been searching online for books that may be of use in my research. They are almost always in German or Latvian, but if I am only looking for a name or names amongst a list,that is still alright. Anyway, I have found three different German language books -two of which have names that are in my family history! One gentleman died in Kazan (I presume, Russia). That is a death record I would have never found if it were not for this source. Another who may be related worked and lived in a specific city in present-day Poland. I have also begun to realize that in World War I, much of Kurzeme (Kurland) was emptied of population. In fact, my grandmother and her family lived in Ukraine for those years of the war -and they were living in Riga just prior to that! I wonder, how many of my other relatives did not return to Latvia??
I also wonder, how many chose to fight for the Bolsheviks, and, when the Bolshviks didn't control Latvia right away (until after WWII), did they stay in Russia? I know that some Latvians did make that decision. Many civil wars have brother fighting brother. I do not see how this one might have been any different.
There are now -in my view- enough Trusinskys and Tills that I have found (etc) that it is probably likely that some moved to Russia and stayed...even to this day. At some point, I will try to look in Russian directories for the Russian spellings of Trusinsky. However, while I strongly suspect Dr. Karlis Trusinskis has looked at this website, but has not responded, how will I be able to get someone who probably isn't as worldly, but probably very suspicious, to communicate??

Additionally, I am not sure if I should be excited or disappointed with the lack of communication from Australia. I say that because he could be amassing quite a large amount of information (dates, data, pictures, etc) -as Gustav said he is on his behalf, or, perhaps, the issue is no longer being pursued by he and his family. Time will tell.

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