28 October 2008


Someone from Lithuania emailed me through this website. Their name is a variation of mine and they do seem interested in learning more. Good news -especially considering I haven't work on my research very much as I have been so busy with work and getting our house ready for sale!

Oh, I did have my dad send a request to the Latvian embassy in Washington in which he requested some vital records, as they provide that service for a very small fee. We should be finding out something in the next month or two that will hopefully take us one step closer to finding a living Trusinsky relative in Latvia and also further back on the "Gunther" family line. I won't publish the specific information because if people want to learn it, they will have to contact me directly and share some basic information they have, but chosen not to share...(ahem...Australia...) (damn, you'd think they'd at least send a note hinting at or explaining their sudden lack of interest or possibly suspicion)

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