08 October 2010

Truschinsky documents have arrived!

As mentioned in an earlier blog, there are documents in the Estonian archives related to my earliest confirmed ancestor. This guy is certainly the most interesting distant ancestor. He died of "St. Edward's Fire" and was sued for failing to fulfill a contract to use a mill, as he was a miller. All of these documents (about 60 pages) are related to that issue. The documents are primarily in German with the exception of two pages which are in Estonian. I expect to find some great information. I would be VERY pleased to see if they refer to him or his family at any point as Kurschinsky.It will be quite expensive to get all of the documents translated, but I expect it will be well worth it.

To the rights is the cover page to the series of documents. I have found other members of my family tree on the Estonian website noted above, but certainly nothing this juicy!

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