13 November 2010


Great news! I have now confirmed that almost all the living Vigerts in Latvia are relatives of mine! I was lucky enough to find someone online, sent them a note about the information I had about my Vigerts and asked her to inquire with her older relatives to see if any of it sounds familiar. She did and we thought we may have shared a common ancestor, so she visited a grave of someone who was born in the 1880s to confirm the date of her relative with the date of my relative on the birth documents that I found. IT WAS A MATCH! She didn't know that this person had at least four other siblings -one of which was my great grandmother, Julia Vigerte.

I am super excited about this. She seems to share a strong interest in researching this stuff. She has sent a couple of pictures (I anxiously wait for more to be sent!) and has some interesting -though sad- stories about some of our shared ancestors.

It has made me wish that the TRUSINSKIS that I had emailed in Latvia were as interested as this person. I am even more sure that some of them are the descendants from a common ancestor. I believe that because every single TRUSINSKIS I have found in my research from the 1800s is related in some way to each other! I have never found a TRUSINSKIS in the records to whom I could NOT show a relation. Remember: the problem I have is that I cannot review almost any records from here in Minnesota, USA, that are from 1905 or later. **If any of you (KARLIS, ROBERTS, etc) or your relatives read this, send me a note!!! All specific information about living individuals will be private, so do not worry about that if that issue is a concern.

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