01 September 2007

Looking for people with these surnames...

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The surnames below are from my family tree and had a presence in Latvia upto and, some, after World War II. I know some of them left Latvia and lived in Diplaced Persons Camps in Germany after World War II. The names with the "s" on the end are the Latvian spellings. Some chose to return to Latvia, some stayed in Germany, while others moved to Australia and (my closest relations) to the US. Most of these families would identify themselves as German families who lived in Latvia prior to WWII. If you are aware of anyone -of course, including yourself- who has a similar family story and one of the last names listed below, please post a comment on this page and I will promptly get back to you. Any information you share will NOT be published here without your permission! Indeed, even if you gave your permission, I might only add first names or maiden names or additional surnames about which I am as of yet unaware. If you live in any of the regions cited, and you know of a good online database of births and deaths, send me note so that I can find some of these people! Finally, spellings are approximations, so if you know one that is very close, but not listed here, please let me know! Thanks for your help!!!

Truschinski -lots in Germany
von Trusinsky
Porins -two specifically in Austrailia that I know have since passed away, Leontina and Vilis
Gangnuss- Helmut, Helmuts; in Australia. Is about 65 years old. Helmut! Email me!
Till -Johan (died in 1968 in Heidelberg), Ella (died in 1977 in Berlin), Eugene (died sometime in East Germany, but was born in 1884); Johan had two children named Valentine and Waltraut; Eugene had two children (found so far) and married Carolina Gunter, who died in 1936 in Latvia. They had children named Leontina and Oda Till. Amandus Till (Tils), who died in Latvia in 1950, had three children, Johan, Anna and Marie.
Tils -same as above
Til -same as above
Balodes -may be a very common name in Latvia
Murman- Otto, born in late 1800s, married Ella Till
Ahrens- Anna, married to Ernst Till, died in 1929, but had two siblings, Eward and Alexander.

Weigart -Mary, died in Germany around 1970; had siblings named Michael, Lizette, and Edward. She had other siblings, though they died in Latvia and were named Julia and Andres
Weigarts -same as above

UPDATE: I have more information than listed above. Contact me if interested!

Of course, the vast majority of these people have long since passed away, but maybe some of their descendents may find this and help make some connections!

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