22 September 2007

Till Family Tree

Here is a incomplete example of my research. The tree starts with Karl Till, born in the 1870s. There are a number of Tills, Kersteins and Puls of whom I do have information, but that I have not added as of yet. The tree does not include a number of family names that I have been researching. I am posting this so that people who have managed to find this page, can see some what I am doing. Click on the image to get a larger, more detailed view. There is more specific information on many of the individuals listed, but it is not posted in the type of document shown here. I will not be posting a more comprehensive family tree, as this is only a limited example. Anyone who may be interested in more will have to contact me.

This last image is an example of some of the church records I am examining from Latvia.

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