05 April 2008

I am "displeased".

Remember how I said I'd be pissed if that book that I ordered from Germany didn't have Otto Till's information in it? The book called "Deutsch-baltisches Gudenkbuch, Unsere Toten der Jahre 1939-1947"? It lists the names and some biographical information of Baltic Germans who served in the German military in WWII and died, were captured or went missing. Well, as I'm sure you suspect at this point, OTTO TILL IS NOT IN IT! I have records for a whole lot of Tills in Latvia and there is not A SINGLE TILL listed in the book. I will have to get my dad to ask my grandma a bit more about Otto and his service and also if she remembers any relatives -close or distant- leaving for Germany before the war. Not only immediately before the war, but even into the early 1930s or 1920s.

Of course there aren't any Truschinsky's/Trusinsky's/Trusinski's in it either. Also, Ella Trusinski, who married a (Edwin) Gangnus, isn't listed as his wife. He isn't listed as having a wife or child. It is probably merely incomplete information on behalf of the publisher, but I will ask my Gangnus contact in Germany if he has a copy of the marriage certificate or a copy of the marriage in any records.

sigh...no, **SIGH**!!!

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Anonymous said...

check trushinskis or a similar spelling. Sigs spelling was skis.