22 April 2008


I was searching that Latvian website yesterday and found 3 Truschinskys. Needless to say, I am QUITE pleased about finding them. One was of a marriage record in Riga, but that record had listed the gentleman's birth location so I dug through those records and found his birth record. His first and last name coincided with my grandfather's uncle. Of course, that birth record listed the father's name. That's two Truschinskys. The third Truschinsky was found in a record for a female in the town where I found the birth record I mentioned earlier. I had never heard of her, so it might be an interesting chase to find her relationship. In fact, after this posting, I think I will try to find her birth record and see if there is a relationship with the Truschinsky I had just found.

The search goes on...

Oh, one more note: in two of the three records I had just found it shows an alternate spelling of Truschinsky. That is not particularly common. I have found AT LEAST four different spellings for my last name, Trusinsky.

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