10 August 2008

steps forward but also nothing

SIX films arrived this weekend at the LDS. I am really, really hoping for something on one of them regarding the oldest Truschinsky line of research. That doesn't mean I am expecting something there, as it involves a specific region, but isn't quite for the years I want. However, there may be some other, illuminating records there. Two other films are related to a family who married into the Till family. One record is another film for the Lemsal area. I don't expect to find anything there, as I have already reviewed it and it isn't any more comprehensive than what is online. Finally, I am going to review passports issued by the German embassy in Riga. I am really hoping to find something there for one of my main lines of research. Again, "hoping" doesn't mean "expecting".

I am also trying to contact possible kin around the world, but I continue to fail in getting a response from...anyone.

I have a genealogist in Germany investigating the degree to which it is possible to access public records for some relatives I know had died in Germany in 1968 and 1977. As I had explained to him, the goal is to establish contact with living relatives.

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