30 March 2008

Whew! I am exhausted!

I've spent waaaaay too much time working on genealogy the last two days! However, as a result of the tip given to me by J. Rogenhagen, I've accessed a lot more records! A series of questions have been resolved, but a few have popped up, as one might suspect occurs frequently in genealogy. It seems that the wife of Johann Samuel August Till, Maria Dorothea Elizabeth Neumann, left Limbazi within a couple of years after her husband's death in 1827. They went to a regional city named Wolmar (Valmiera in Latvian), which is just east of Limbazi. It is a bummer that I won't ever know the train of thought that the widow went through when deciding to move to another area.

I found my first link to somewhere in Estonia, but it is by marriage and not by blood. Specifically, she is the wife of the 3rd great-grand uncle of mine. Her maiden name is Peterson. *yawn* Not even PetersoHn!

I think I found the death record of the widow who left Limbazi for Valmiera. The record does raise a question, however: the record lists her place of birth as "Petersburg", which I assume refers to St. Petersburg, Russia, which, at that time, had a lot of Baltic Germans -though not as much as Riga. However, I thought I saw her birth record in the Limbazi records. I will, of course, have to double check. Up to this point, I hadn't recorded her date and place of birth. That might be because I haven't actually found it. I know I found a bunch of Neumanns in Limbazi, but until I can make a definitive link, I don't input them into my software.

Before the last few days, I had a male Till whose name was too difficult to read in the birth record. Well, I found Heinrich August Till, his marriage record and death record. All of the dates and locations on said documents coincide the location and date of birth for this male in Limbazi. I've decided it HAS to be the one.

Another strange thing, is that in the various marriage records, the name Johann Samuel August Till is NOT mentioned, but what seems to be August Heinrich Till. I will have to re-examine the photographs I took of those documents to see if I can clear up the anomaly. These documents that refer to Samuel Till as, instead, August Heinrich Till, list Marie Till, geboren (maiden/birth name) Neumann. That would be an amazing coincidence if there was another Marie Till, with the birth name of Neumann who had a child born in Limbazi. It is too coincidental to be realistic!

The big picture is that out of Samuel Till's nine children, prior to today I only had additional information on 3, but now I have only 3 left without any information after their birth and baptism.

I should go to bed soon. If I start browsing another record, I'll probably stay up for another two hours and, despite being on spring break, I shouldn't stay up that late.

That reminds me, it is -sort of- funny to consider what I'd be doing on spring break if I were around 10 years younger and in graduate school again. *sigh*

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