27 March 2008

Wurttemberg, Russia and Deifel

I was just reading in my book, Germanic Genealogy: A Guide to Worldwide Sources and Migration Patterns about the Germans in Russia. One thing that would be most interesting to me is to establish a link between some Deifels from the Volga region of Russia to the Deifels to which we are related in Germany. According to my aunt Diane's research, many of the ancestors of "our" Deifels are from the Wurttemburg region of Germany. What I just read is that many of the Germans who left Germany for the Volga region came from the WURTTEMBERG area! This is BIG news and something that I will investigate this spring or summer. I cannot recall, but for some reason I thought I saw that that there was a couple of Deifels in US immigration records, but their origin was in Russia. If that is the case, they may be related to us AND their descendants are in the US!!

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