28 March 2008

Wolmar Lettland oder Valmiera Latvia

I just got a message this morning from J. Rogenhagen in which he said that his father will be sending me some information that he has. Johannes did send me a couple of links that he thought might be helpful. They are both related to Germans in the Baltic region. So, I checked out the database and searched for a few names: Till, Ahrens, Puls, Truschinsky, etc. I found some of Till, Ahrens, Puls and something quite close to Truschinsky. The database gave what information it had. For example, in some situations it had birth location, but not death location or date, etc.

I found a Till entry around Wolmar -which is larger city around Limbazi. Limbazi is where my oldest Till records are!

I think this is going to allow me to find all of those missing Tills that aren't present in either the Riga records or the Lemsal records.

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