12 June 2008

Dr. Trusinskis

I sent an email yesterday to a gentleman in Latvia who was a doctor that worked on a series of journal articles with a possible relative of mine: Dr. Karlis Trusinskis. I emailed him because I cannot find the email of Karlis Trusinskis and so I had asked that the doctor forward the email to him or let him know in some other way about it. **I've changed my profile to allow people to contact me by email if they click on the profile. Prior to that, people had to post a message, but may have chosen not to because they had felt apprehensive about it becoming public.

I hope to hear from Dr. Trusinskis -even if he is unsure if there is a relationship. As I said in the email to his colleague, "there aren't too many Trusinskis' in the world..."

Keep your fingers crossed...

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