11 June 2008

You say Truschinski, I say Trusinsky...

After my wife and I get back from Europe I think I am going to order a DNA test for genealogical research. It will trace a particular gene that is passed from father to son. That means, if, for example, someone 300 years ago had three or four male children and they had children, etc., those people male children and their descendants will have the same gene and a relationship will be proven. At Family Tree DNA they then compare the results with their database. One then has the opportunity to contact others. I know I won't find another "Trusinsky", but I just might find another Trusinski or Trusinskis, etc.

Why the title? It is my own take on the ditty, "you say tomAto, I say tomOto". I mention it because there aren't many "Trusinsky's" in the world, but, as I have mentioned before, I've found at least four variations of the spelling of Trusinsky amongst the documents discovered in my research. I've brainstormed all of the variations of "Trusinsky" and checked the internet. I'm going to list them here and in another posting on the blog in the hopes that some of them find this site and send me a note!

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