13 June 2008


Here are two documents for my father, Karl Trusinsky, who was named Karlis Trusinskis when he was born in Latvia. I am posting these in the event that Dr. Karlis Trusinskis sees this website, yet is skeptical of its authenticity. The first one he acquired on his first visit back to Latvia a few years ago. While I don't read (or speak) any Latvian, it looks as if the document shows my father's dad is named "Karlis", as well. That is wrong. My father's dad (my grandfather) is named Alexander. The second document, I believe, was given to his family while he was in a Displaced Persons camp in Germany after World War II.

I've also added two photographs to the slideshow on the right. These two pictures are of a few more individuals in Latvia and -possibly- the only pictures of who might be August Johann Theodor Trusinskis -a man whom we think died in 1972 in Riga and had "two wives and three children". The man was my grandfather's brother. I didn't realize that we had a picture of him until I had just scanned them. We have been unable to locate his children or grandchildren in Latvia.

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