09 March 2008

Latvian Surnames oder Lettisch familiennamen

Well, maybe not really "Latvian" as most would claim that they are in fact German and not Latvian. While I tend to agree, they are all from documents that originate in present day Latvia. The following is a list of names that I have compiled from my research thus far in which I am trying to map out my family tree. I will update it as I learn more. ALL of the names are important to my research. My grandparents' names have two stars (**), while my great grandparents' names have one star (*). PLEASE contact me if you are of any relation to any of these names, even if you are unsure of a relationship to Latvia! The Truschinski names in the second row below are especially important as they are the different versions of my last name and there have been very few found with some connection to Latvia at this point.

**Trusinski or Truschinski or Truschinsky or Trusinskis

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Anonymous said...

My grandfather was Georg Kristoph Neumann (Gustave Christopher Neumann from Zabiles, Latvia (near Kurland). He came from a family of 8, so I have lots of other names from that area. Reply to me at gardnerad@juno.com Allison