24 January 2008

Communities in Latvia in which I have found relatives in the past

Goldingen -Kuldiga
Schrunden -Skrunda
Lemsal -Limbazi
Iwanden -Ivantes
Needern or Nerden -Niedru or Niedre
Wenden -Cesis
Wolmar -Valmiera

I expect to find more. I found a reference to Kaupen and there is one in Germany and one in Eastern Latvia, but the one in eastern Latvia does not make logical sense... Oh, and even more interesting is that there is a community named "Tils" in western Latvia. "Tils" is how Till is spelled in Latvian. Frequently, surnames are a reference to occupation or a region from where a family comes. The third common basis for a family name is that it is the patronymic of the father. For example, if the son is named John and the father is named Karl, the last name for the son is Karlson. I have a number of those in my searches, but only one that can be linked to my tree in any way: Peterson -at it is only by marriage.

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