18 January 2008

Disappointing realization...

So, about the Rogenhagens of whom I was so excited to have found...I'm not related. The reason that I am not related is because the Till that married the granddaughter of a Rogenhagen had four children in that marriage. The wife then died (don't know why, YET) and then he remarried a bit later. He then had 7 children with that woman. It is through one of those children I am related.

It's kind of too bad, as Rogenhagen seemed to be an interesting name to me. *sigh* Oh well.

One more thing: I reviewed two films in Oakdale that I had ordered from the LDS. There was nothing there except for one reference to a "Puls". It was a maiden name of a woman in a marriage document. I guess there was one more thing. I did find a lot of entries for St. Jacobs Kirche in Riga. Virtually all of the entries, however, seem to be "von" someone. It is my understanding thus far that "von" in front of a family name implies some sort of royal lineage. My grandfather -apparently- insisted that he and his family were related to royalty. It certainly seems as if a number of others in his church were, but there isn't a hint of evidence thus far that his family is!

Tomorrow I will be returning to Oakdale to review (hopefully) four more films of records from the late 1800s. I don't recall if they are the Till side or the my grandfather's side, but I hope find something of use. Finally, I plan to order another film or two that focuses on the (my family name -I don't type it so my students do not find this site via a web search). I have hit a wall in that area. It is on that side I have a key person being born in Latvia, Russia or Karelia. Not particularly useful, though, if I actually found the record, it would be pretty cool if it were Karelia!

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