31 January 2008

A couple of minor things

I've ordered three documents last weekend: two sets of birth records from St. Martins in Riga that are from around 1850-1873 and a set of death records from St. Jakobs in Riga. The death records cover from around 1920 to 1939. I hope to find the Trusinskis' there, but expect to find a surprise or two. They should arrive in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I think a whole lot of the 1920s documents are going to be in Russian. I can decypher Russian font/text, but Russian handwriting is MUCH more difficult for me!

The most recent "family tree" on this site is quite outdated. As my immediately family knows, I have a couple of branches now established into the 1700s.

I emailed a gentleman who had maintained a site on the internet that deals with Latvian genealogy. The site is very, very good. It is bitter-sweet, for me, however, because in one link he lists the resources he has "at his fingertips". TWO of which are VERY interesting. One resource, if I recall correctly, is the list of Baltic Germans who left in 1939/40, while the other was made up of Latvians who died in WWII serving in the German military. Unfortunately, I can't even seem to find that link now. UGH! Finally, I tried to subscribe to the mailing list and discussion group, but the address posted isn't recognised as a valid address by yahoo.com.

It's all good, however. I have made a TON of progress in just a short time. Who would have thought that I'd have documents that go back to the late 1700s?! Of course, I did that in less than 9 months of research! I am STILL looking for that link to Sweden and the supposed link to a Polish baron.

The mystery goes on...

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