14 January 2008

I figured out where the Wihgerts came from!

My grandfather's mother came from some town, according to her confirmation record, that I couldn't figure out, given the messy foreign script. Anyway, long story short, they didn't come from Goldingen, but a community near Goldingen called (now) Ivandes. I have no idea about the current or past size, but I hope to someday find out about its history. Suprisingly, I also came across a death record for Karl Jabob Wihgert. He was 71 when he died which was in 1885. Unfortunately, I STILL haven't found the maiden name for my grandfather's grandmother. She is consistently listed as Anne Wihgert, despite most other records from other churches showing the "geboren" name. *sigh* Maybe I can find the death record. Sometimes they give the mother's maiden name on that.

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