21 January 2008

More information found

I have found yet another community in which we may have had (past tense, certainly!) relatives. In a death document for a Carl (yes, Carl with a C) Wihgert, it noted the town in which he was born. He was born on 12 December 1814 in Skrunda, then called Schrunden -or something like that. His father was a shoemaker. It is the first instance in which I have found an occupation that was easily read and understood. Also, it gave the mother's maiden name -Jankowski- and where the mother and father came from. In German it is Needern [or Niedru (Nerdern)], and is also somewhere around Kuldiga. FINALLY, another reason the document is particularly interesting is that the death record spells Carl's name Wihgert, like the way our earlier, documented relatives spelled it, yet the birth record is spelled Wiegert. SO, what that means is that if a link can be found from one generation to the next, a slight differnce is spelling doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't related. In fact, it may mean that they are the SAME PERSON! I KNOW I have seen a series of Wiegerts in my research by I didn't record their location/information, as one has to limit their search parameters in some way.

I am still looking for the marriage record of the gentleman who had died in 1885 and then, from that, hope to find the birth record of Heinrich Wihgert. That might give a middle name and help me find siblings, too. I still haven't found the maiden name of Heinrich's wife, Anne, anywhere. Hopefully that is listed in their marriage document...if I can ever find that. WHEW!

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